I'm vegan! And my husband likes to cook his own food (whatever), so I really get to treat myself on Tofurky Day!
  1. Succotash
    Lima beans and corn and vegan butter and maybe some red pepper if I remember to buy one.
  2. Brussel sprouts
    Just plain old sprouts with vegan butter. Not even roasted, just microwaved because I'm impatient and also classy.
  3. Mashed potatoes
    With vegan gravy. I can't stop thinking about how good these will be!
    Let's be real, I'll make way too much and eat it all and not have any room left over for anything else.
  5. Field Roast's Celebration Loaf
    ...which is a new-to-me product, but this brand has never not been delicious so I think this will be good.
  6. Pumpkin pie
    ...with whipped soy cream!!!
  7. Eggless egg nog from Califia Farms
    This stuff is TOO GOOD!
  8. 🚫🦃🚫 ❤️🦃❤️