Not sure how we got out of hosting since we just bought a house, but I'll take it!!!
  1. No political discussions.
    I am BY FAR the most left leaning member of either of our families but I'm also non confrontational (to a fault) when it comes to family. So I'm usually left drowning my anger in coffee and/or water.
  2. Not having to smell, see, or touch meat.
    Since I always help clean up, I get stuck lugging plates of half eaten turkey back into the kitchen and - if I'm REALLY lucky - the carcass itself! 😰🦃😰
  3. Not having to wear clothes!!!
    I mean, I'll have pajamas on!
  4. We can eat at whatever time we want.
    I usually eat dinner at 8:00 PM, so this whole eating my biggest meal of the day at some weird in between time really messes with my insides. TBH, I'll either have a big lunch or graze on delicious items all day.