Travel can be a bureaucratic nightmare for those on restricted passports. Here we look at the world's most powerful passports based on the freedom they provide.
  1. United Kingdom
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    All hail the Queen! People from the land of scones and crumpets can enter an impressive 147 countries with their British passport in hand.
  2. United States of America
    Americans can freely traipse their sock-and-sandalled feet through 147 countries, putting them on par with the UK.
  3. France
    The French can complain about sub-par cuisine in a total of 145 countries, without restrictions.
  4. South Korea
    Clearly faring better than their northerly neighbours, South Koreans are allowed easy entry to 145 countries.
  5. Germany
    Germans can wake up at the crack of dawn to reserve deck chairs in 145 countries.
  6. Italy
    Italians are free to practise pickup lines in a total of 144 countries.
  7. Sweden
    Hailing from one of the happiest nations in the world, Swedes can (but may not want to) leave their shores for a total of 144 countries.
  8. Denmark
    Another of the world's happiest nations, Danes can freely spread their cheer through 143 countries.
  9. Singapore
    Clean, neutral, inoffensive. Why wouldn't the Singaporeans be allowed to easily travel though 143 countries?
  10. Finland
    Ah, those wacky Finns. They can have monosyllabic conversations in a total of 143 countries.
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