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  1. I didn't hit any traffic on the way home from work!
    One of the few perks when I have to work weekends
  2. It's New Year's Eve!
    Self explanatory, and I can celebrate this year after being recovering from surgery last year!
  3. WVU basketball dominated last night
    Makes up for the football team losing our bowl game ☹️
I recently attended a mandatory conference with my job just to give updates about CHS and provide us with information and tips. One presentation was about a method called Three Good Things to help improve happiness and your outlook on life.
  1. Jeffrey Huffman M.D. is the mind behind this theory and method. Basically, each day you should reflect on 3 good things that happened to you or you observed and go into as much detail as you'd like, a lot or a little, on why it makes you happy. Doing so will make you seek out good things with your day, and maybe go out of your way to do good.
  2. So with an app like this, why not try it here? I'm not the most consistent lister out there but I will try to be, and I invite all of you to try this out as well! For more detailed information, follow this link: http://ggia.berkeley.edu/practice/three-good-things#
    You should see results in as little as a week!
  3. The list can include meaningful things or just a simple one such as "my coffee from Starbucks was really tasty today."
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Sorry li.st but I took almost a 4 month long hiatus😥 I blame some of it on me getting a new phone and this app not getting transferred over in the process. Here are a few things that have happened in my life in that time!
  1. I'm officially a full time RN and don't have a preceptor anymore and it's going well!
  2. I got a new car!
  3. I finally bought myself a MacBook even though I don't particularly need it
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  1. The Harry Potter series
  2. Spider-man
    He is by far my favorite superhero, and I find myself searching the Internet frequently looking for updates/rumors about his movie next year. The movie has just under a year left until it hits theaters, yet I search for any news just about every day.
  3. Movies
    I like some TV shows, but definitely prefer movies. Netflix usually has a solid choice of movies, but definitely panders more towards TV show lovers but I have other ways of accessing a bunch of movies. I like all types of movies too. I don't let being a guy stop me from watching a chick flick if I think it looks good. I always get a list of potential Oscar winning movies and make plans to view them, as well as planning to see the hyped up blockbusters.
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  2. My sunburn is healed!
Will update if I actually do them in 4+ days. If I get 2 of these done I'll be happy.
  1. 1.
    Clean my room
  2. 2.
    Clean out my car
    It's baaaad
  3. 3.
    See why my check engine light is on
    I'm close to getting a new car and my car now still drives fine so I'm like meh
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I work in a few hours (super bummed to miss out on Independence Day festivities) and was pondering what to cook before I go in
  1. Spaghetti and meatballs
  2. Fried Bologna Sandwiches
  3. Tacos and Nachos
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I got my RN license in February and started my job in April so I'm still pretty fresh in my career, and still have many things to be scared of.
  1. I still haven't witnessed a death, but it will happen eventually and I'm not sure how I'll handle the first one
  2. Making a mistake that seriously impacts a patient's health or worse
  3. Having a doctor rip you a new one
    They can be very mean at times
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I really miss the days when AIM was huge. The thrill of getting home from school, getting on your computer and signing on to see if any friends wanted to chat, and if they didn't you could always talk to SmarterChild. I remember a stretch of time when I couldn't keep the same name to save my life
  1. zSpongebob21
    I thought x's were too mainstream and tried to use z instead...it never caught on
  2. Alstottfashizzle
    One day at football practice I took a handoff and trucked half the defense and someone on my team compared me to Mike Alstott, the old TB fullback, and I took it to heart
  3. ZeroMonkey21
    I had a zero skateboard, and loved monkeys...
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