I really miss the days when AIM was huge. The thrill of getting home from school, getting on your computer and signing on to see if any friends wanted to chat, and if they didn't you could always talk to SmarterChild. I remember a stretch of time when I couldn't keep the same name to save my life
  1. zSpongebob21
    I thought x's were too mainstream and tried to use z instead...it never caught on
  2. Alstottfashizzle
    One day at football practice I took a handoff and trucked half the defense and someone on my team compared me to Mike Alstott, the old TB fullback, and I took it to heart
  3. ZeroMonkey21
    I had a zero skateboard, and loved monkeys...
  4. FallOutBoyxx47
    Yep (also gave in to the x trend)
  5. Sug4rW3rGo1nDown
    I really loved that song and Fall Out Boy...okay fine I still do
  6. RARrarRAR47
    Real creative right?
  7. SpeedyxxGonzales
    One of my baseball teams gave me this nickname so of course I made it into a screen name
  8. Fred xFlintstone
    Honestly I have no idea why I had this, I never really liked The Flintstones
  9. DA KoolAidMan21
  10. blue ranger x13
    In 7th grade, a couple of friends and I started calling ourselves the Power Rangers and each had our own color...gotta love middle school!
  11. Adam is Beastly
    Once I got to this one I finally settled down and never made a new one
  12. I'm pretty sure there are more but these are the ones that came to mind