Here I will give two renditions of my thoughts and feelings toward Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus. The first will be from my 16 year old perspective, and then my current.
  2. Wow Miley has really grown up and is trying to shake off her Disney channel reputation
    Little did I know...
  3. "I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan" this opening line is super catchy but what is a cardigan?
  4. *googles cardigan* so it's just a sweater?
  5. How can anyone hate this song, it's about the USA?!
  6. The beat to this song is amazing
  7. This chorus is extremely easy to dance to *the butterflies fly away* look I'm moving my hands like a butterfly! Clever right?
  8. I need to listen to this song a lot because I want to be able to crush it during karaoke
  9. *after multiple times of singing it during karaoke or lip syncing it on stage* wow I'm probably gonna be known as that kid who loves Miley Cyrus for the rest of my life
  10. Miley sure can pull off some Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots
  11. *part during music video where Miley essentially twerks for the very first time* yoooooooooooooooo this girl is HOT
  12. Miley is going to move on and become a huge country music star after this song
  14. This song is still catchy as hell and about America so as a prideful patriot I still enjoy this song way too much
  15. I get tons of jeers and ear piercing screams when I take the phone at a party and play this song
  16. I can't believe I used to think Miley was raunchy in this music video
  17. RIP cute and innocent Miley, I'd give anything for you to resurface and put the Draco Malfoy hair, outrageously promiscuous outfits (get your cardigan back!), excessive twerking, pot smoking, weird music making version of you away
    Okay, I do love Wreckingball but the rest is wild.
  18. This song came out 7 years ago and that's bizarre
  19. I'm still not entirely sure what a cardigan is. It's just a sweater right? I'll just keep calling them sweaters