I got my RN license in February and started my job in April so I'm still pretty fresh in my career, and still have many things to be scared of.
  1. I still haven't witnessed a death, but it will happen eventually and I'm not sure how I'll handle the first one
  2. Making a mistake that seriously impacts a patient's health or worse
  3. Having a doctor rip you a new one
    They can be very mean at times
  4. Having a confused patient attack you
  5. Having a patient's family attack you
    A lot of the times the family is harder to deal with than the patient
  6. Having to break the bad news to a patient
  7. Accidentally sticking myself with a used needle
  8. Passing out during a shift
    It's a lot more common than you think, especially on the night shift
  9. Breaking a sterile field and causing a hospital-acquired infection
  10. Being one of the first responders during a code blue situation and not succeeding
  11. Not recognizing a sign or symptom
  12. Getting taken to court
  13. Charting a mistake/forgetting to chart something and getting taken to court
  14. Mucus
    I can handle blood, vomit, shit (to an extent), but I really don't like mucus