I recently attended a mandatory conference with my job just to give updates about CHS and provide us with information and tips. One presentation was about a method called Three Good Things to help improve happiness and your outlook on life.
  1. Jeffrey Huffman M.D. is the mind behind this theory and method. Basically, each day you should reflect on 3 good things that happened to you or you observed and go into as much detail as you'd like, a lot or a little, on why it makes you happy. Doing so will make you seek out good things with your day, and maybe go out of your way to do good.
  2. So with an app like this, why not try it here? I'm not the most consistent lister out there but I will try to be, and I invite all of you to try this out as well! For more detailed information, follow this link: http://ggia.berkeley.edu/practice/three-good-things#
    You should see results in as little as a week!
  3. The list can include meaningful things or just a simple one such as "my coffee from Starbucks was really tasty today."
  4. (This is from yesterday, 12/26, for me since I worked all last night and just got off. )
  5. 1. A patient that I have had for about two weeks now gave me a Thank You card and told me how thankful they were for being their nurse.
    This made me happy because it's always great to know that patients appreciate my care and makes me love my choice for a career path.
  6. 2. My puppy was taking one of his chew toys and taunting one of my parents' much larger dogs to chase him.
    It was just so cute, how could it not make me happy!
  7. 3. @bolenforsoup told me he is really enjoying the Harry Potter books!
    My roommate Nick has seen the movies but finally decided he wants to dive deeper into the wizarding world and read the books, so I bought him all 7 books for Christmas to help him out. Nothing makes me happier than showing someone the magic of JK Rowling.