There are some plays you never hear about casually unless you are actually studying Shakespeare.
  1. Titus Andronicus
    Really an Elizabethan horror movie. A man's daughter is raped, her tongue cut out, her arms cut off, and then - revenge.
  2. The Tempest
    Goofy and surreal, the plot revolves around a duke - Prospero - exiled to an island with faeries and demons and magic. When those who stole his birthright are shipwrecked on the island, murderous plots and political machinations occur.
  3. Timon of Athens
    Timon is a good hearted guy who loves giving gifts and money to false friends. He ends up bankrupt and angry with the world to the point he goes off to live in the woods as a misanthrope. He discovers one true friend in a servant, then dies. His epitaph is: "Here lies a wretched corpse of wretched soul bereft: Seek not my name: a plague consume you wicked caitiffs left! Here lie I, Timon, who alive, all living men did hate, Pass by, and curse thy fill, but pass and stay not here thy gait."