I find myself trying to eat foods I like by eating substitute versions designed to be healthier. They may be healthier or not, but they aren't the same.
  1. Turkey Bacon
    Never fatty enough to get to the right level of crispy.
  2. Cauliflower, egg and cheese pizza crust
    My in-laws taught my wife to make this - it tastes like pizza on top of burnt cheese.
  3. Matzah
    I eat it once a year and that's enough (dayenu)
  4. Chemical sweetener
    Covers diet drinks, sweetener packets, sugar free anything.
  5. Turkey chili
    Not the same, but sometimes I like this more than beef
  6. Margarine
    I believe it isn't butter.
  7. Dunkin' Donuts coffee (black)
    People who drink this daily must not know how coffee is supposed to taste. If you add sugar, milk, and cream, it is not coffee any longer, but the equivalent of a cocktail with fruit juice. You can't taste the main ingredient. Try it black and you will switch coffees.
  8. Salt substitute
    I find myself trying to reduce my salt intake as I get older. Salt substitute such as no-salt or nu-salt etc. isn't even remotely salt. However, Mrs. Dash and some other spice mixes are great.
  9. Orange juice from concentrate
    I grew up with this, but I enjoy Tropicana or Florida's natural from the carton squeezed in the factory.
  10. Frozen vegetables
    They are an acceptable evil, but fresh is much, much better.