1. Hild by Nicola Griffith
    Medieval Britain. I like that. How many books are set in the 600s?
  2. Station Eleven
    Post-apocalyptic theatre troop? Sure. Plus I already bought it and it's on my shelf.
  3. The Signature of All Things
    19th century and botany. Two topics I like-just really seems like my bag.
  4. Cadillac Desert
    Will only read this if there's really an El Niño. Otherwise way too stressful.
  5. Wild, by Cheryl Strayed
    Always had an idea in my head that I should hike some long trail of some sort.
  6. Maybe War & Peace
    Anna Karenina is too depressing. I don't enjoy suicidal females. But should I go through life without having read a big Tolstoy novel?
  7. The Secret History
    I don't really have strong feelings about this, but I own it and haven't read it. I am hoping it would be one of those books where before, you're all "meh," but once it gets going you're just devouring it.
  8. Neil Gaiman something or other
    I'm intrigued but need to figure out which of his books I should try first.
  9. The Name of the Rose
    A medieval murder mystery that's considered "literature." Sold.
  10. Dead Wake
    I loved Devil in the White City so this will prob be good too. Plus when it comes to sunken ocean liners, Titanic hogs all the attention.
  11. His Dark Materials
    In my mind this is like Harry Potter but more malevolent and serious, with more at stake and criticism of organized religion.
  12. Entire LOTR trilogy
    I read The Fellowship of the Ring but not the other two. Seems like I should.
  13. Dickens something or other
    I read A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist in high school but I feel a need to experience Bleak House perhaps?
  14. The Mirror and the Light, by Hilary Mantel
    The third book in her trilogy about Thomas Cromwell--I am seriously excited for this one, whenever it comes out!