What works for me-a list to remind myself of the resources I have to draw on.
  1. Exercise
    Intense, sweat-producing exercise. 90% of the time I feel noticeably better--more upbeat and social.
  2. Baths
    A good hot bath with bath salts works wonders.
  3. Steam rooms
    Feels so purifying.
  4. Medication
    Prescription antidepressants can be your friend. They're not magic happy pills and you're not weak nor stupid nor deluded by Big Pharma if you use them.
  5. Letting yourself off the hook
    Don't beat yourself up for feeling sad or not up to doing all the stuff you usually do.
  6. Aromatherapy
    Nice smells just improve my mood like .05%. Every little bit helps.
  7. Buying yourself nice little things.
    In my case this translates to things like soap and magazines. Perhaps flowers?
  8. Being around people.
    Even just going to coffee shop to read or work.
  9. Making yourself do something.
    This is hard when you're down and maybe not possible all the time if your depression is severe. But I feel a bit better when I make myself do the dishes or something like that. It takes me out of my head for a bit and allows me to say to myself, See? You can still do the dishes.
  10. Therapy
    If you can afford it or find a lower cost clinic in your area. At times I don't even think it's the therapist that matters-it's more just having a neutral party to talk with about whatever shit you want, without judgement or emotion. And no, seeing a therapist doesn't make you weak or "crazy" or mean that you've hit rock bottom.