1. Baron, a miniature schnauzer who tolerated my toddler years
  2. Prince, a standard schnauzer who endured my father's abusive years with me.
  3. Buddy. My parents had me put him to sleep because they couldn't bear to see it. That was when I realized I had the backbone for the dark times.
  4. Blaze. My wife's service dog. A genius of the species. Now he is retired and a grumpy old man who sits with me and growls at people and things we don't like: mailmen, hipsters, untrustworthy members of the SOCOM community, grooming, the Seahawks losing, and missionaries. The photo is of Blaze and one of his favorite people, a handyman.
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  5. Lana, my adopted pit bull. Abused. Skittish. She is a life in progress. I love her heart even if it is wrapped in fear and aggression.
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