None of which seem to outrage people as much as the new Starbucks' cup.
  1. This bow.
    00878fdb ec7d 4c00 8cc8 e3b0cba7a09f
  2. This present.
    Ccfac318 2430 464d 9c30 295e88f13a07
  3. This stocking.
    8d670c6a 6d2d 4318 8b11 cb100c8e7776
  4. Santa's hat.
    032cbe88 0da4 445e 9708 f683872e2820
  5. These Christmas balls.
    Bab631f0 ec5b 4ace a58a 1402d51d40a4
  6. This poinsettia.
    36ea5016 5571 49df 816b ecc9e52845aa
  7. This tree ... Okay this is a bit much.
    E0fd806e d67b 4402 ba17 1dbd644d29bb
  8. Still mad?
    2581c5d0 092f 40d0 a775 73bd737a73a7