Not ranked cuz they are all so different. See @Price ranked vodka list unless you like gin...then you're on your own #highmaintenance
  1. St Regis king cole bar
    The bartender has been working there for like 100 years and he knows how to make a cold martini. Their cheese olives on the side are really yummy and since the drink is so pricey you can just eat a million of them along with the candied peanuts and wasabi peas. Their vespers are great as well. The mural is a landmark and funny cuz king cole is farting in it and all of the court is making weird faces. Not to mention the people watching..lots of old rich men with their much younger "lady friends"
  2. Carlyle Bemelmans Bar
    It's just classy and there's a piano player and the murals are done by the same guy who illustrated Madeline. Apparently he did it for free in exchange for free room in board which makes me happy to think about. Also they chill the extra martini that didn't fit in ur glass on the side in a little carafe. Yummy soap and hand lotion in bathroom as well.
  3. Mandarin lobby lounge
    Go up to the 35th floor lobby. Ask for a table in the lobby which overlooks all of Columbus circle and the park. It's really pretty and they'll let u even if you're not staying there if you ask nicely and don't look homeless. Their martini glasses are huge so be careful. One is almost like 2. Especially when u ask to keep the shaker. Like a weirdo, since they don't stuff olives for u, u can ask for a side of blue cheese and stuff urself. K don't judge. Oh and food: chicken lollipops 👍
  4. Star Lounge Ritz Carlton
    Ok don't eat there cuz the food is lame for the price. But they sometimes have the same piano player from the Carlyle and the Mediterranean martini is amazing. Feta stuffed olives. Also the bathroom downstairs is super lovely with nice hand soap and lotion.
  5. Lupa
    Lupa has great Italian food and extensive wine list but if you like a Gibson aka a martini with onions, they pickle their own onions which are so yummy! Obviously get on the side.
  6. Blue ribbon sushi midtown
    Seems weird to go for a martini at a high end chain sushi restaurant but they make them super cold and dry and have really yummy Japanese pickled onions. If you feel really adventurous you can get a Japanese pickle plate too (oshinko) and see if you prefer any other kind of pickle in it instead. I like the yellow ones in it sometimes.
  7. Greenwich hotel lobby
    Their pickled onions for gibsons are great too! They're similar to Lupas but different. Home made also. They also have big green olives with pits in them if you don't feel like having lots of onions. You can get both on the side too obviously. And when it's cold out it's super cozy. Another plus is that it's next door to locanda verde.
  8. I guess the Bowery too
    Everyone on the app seems to be a Bowery lover. I am too and go prob too often so my one complaint is that their Martinis are never cold enough and there's nothing special about their olives or onions 😬. For a Bowery martini get an extra side of ice and you'll be ok. Can do the blue cheese and side of olives trick too.
  9. 169 bar
    A New Orleans themed dive bar. It's cheap and fun and their bloody Mary's are great too. The Martinis have pickled okra!!! They are amazing and dangerously good.
  10. Gotham
    Almost forgot how good the martini is here. Sit at the bar and order one. Lots of good old Greenwich village people watching too.