@Lilysaltz technically none of these are public but can be by being let in or pretending that you should be...so mostly a good hotel lobby bathroom list with a few exceptions.
  1. Crosby Street Lobby bathroom
    Sucker for marble counter sinks. Really clean. Delicious smelling soap and adorable pink chairs for when u just need a little rest.
  2. Ritz Carlton Lobby bathroom
    If you're walking along Central Park south in midtown and really gota go..happens sometimes if you decide to walk east to west and vice versa and you forget that it's a little longer than you remember..walk right in and go downstairs. So many big arm chairs to lounge in, a little vanity with pretty mirrors, and again good hand soap and lotion. Additionally, the hand towels are on point.
  3. Morimoto bathroom
    Not a hotel but if you're in meat packing and not eating there just go downstairs and use the bathroom. Each stall has kind of infinity mirror with pretty flower display. Really tho it just makes the list because of the super fancy toilets. Heated seats and all..
  4. Mandarin lobby bathroom
    Conveniently in Columbus circle if you're up there but not conveniently on the 35th floor, where the lobby is. Just get an overpriced drink and then luxuriate. Divine hand soap and lotion and those really soft disposable hand towels.
  5. Il cantinori bathroom
    You prob have to eat there to use their bathroom but maybe the staff would let you even if you didn't. They're nice. Kind of over priced Italian food but it's always good. Their bathroom makes the list purely because they have Aesop products and pretty flowers. Without Aesop it's a pretty normal bathroom but with...
  6. Beauty and Essex bathroom
    Kind of hate it there but the bathroom has nice chairs and they make the list cuz they give you champaign while you're waiting to go.
  7. Bowery lobby bathroom
    If you just walk in like you're getting a drink at that back bar it is perfect.
    Suggested by @samboyd
  8. Gonna restrain myself from suggesting a dozen, but @dave knows I love a hotel bathroom, and I'd say the best one for my (no) money, is the Peninsula.
    Suggested by @vp