Actual Questions Passengers Have Asked Me

Context: I'm a flight attendant for a domestic US airline. These are all things people have actually said to me.
  1. "Do you have a name? A NAME, do you HAVE one?"
    This gem of a woman was angry because I politely asked her to wait for the restroom outside of my galley, not inside it, because I needed to work and she was getting in the way. So instead of asking "what is your name?" like you would to a fellow human, she acted like I was some piece of garbage found on the side of the road.
  2. "How am I supposed to entertain my kids for six hours without headphones??"
    Well, ma'am, we do have headphones for $3 or you could, you know, do your job as a parent and plan ahead and give your kids books or crayons or their own headphones as this is 2017 and I have a hard time believing you don't own headphones. But again: not my job to entertain your children. My job is to keep you safe.
  3. "Well are you going to get more?"
    "More" being more of the food item we had sold out the middle of the flight....asked while we were hurtling along at 35,000 feet
  4. "Can I get a caramel macchiato no whipped cream?"
    This chick was dead serious. Spoiler alert: we don't have an espresso machine on board