a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.
  1. this little bitch has wormed her way back into my life the past several months and hasn’t yet picked up on my strong opposition to her companionship
  2. she is selfish, cruel, and unrelenting. she delights in clouding my vision, filling my head with lies, and tearing at the insides of my heart
  3. she often robs me of my appetite, my joy, my confidence. she makes me feel small, weak, failing, threatened, unwanted. she tells me i am not enough
  4. here’s what i have to say to her:
  5. you are not welcome here. you do not own me, you will not control me
  6. i am loved. i am wanted. i am worthy. i am strong. i am allowed to eat. i am allowed to seek and exude joy. i am allowed to take up space. i am enough
  7. here’s what i have to say to myself:
  8. it’s okay to ask for help. it’s okay to admit that you don’t got this. it’s okay to recognize when things are out of your control
  9. it’s okay to see both your strength and also that of anxiety, to armor yourself against her in healthy, proactive, productive ways. pills do not make you weak; they give you the chance to prove your full strength
  10. it’s okay to need help
  11. it’s okay to need help
  12. it’s okay to need help
  13. *originally published on aubsenroute.tumblr.com*