1. Cider
    Too sweet, too close to soda for my liking. Always sounds like a good idea, I always end up regretting it after the third sip
  2. Large coffee
    I never, ever, want a large coffee. Ever. Never believe me if I say otherwise; just order me a double espresso and I will thank you later
  3. Jack (Daniels), neat
    @saytrumbo has taught me well, and I have become a bourbon snob...annnnd can no longer handle straight Jack, because it is terrible on its own
  4. Sparkling water
    I can't stand sparkling water. I love the idea of it, though, and tend to forget the fact that I can't stand it in actuality
  5. Reisling
    Always sounds like a good idea. No idea why because I decidedly do not like reisling, at all
  6. Gin and tonic
    I do not like gin. I do not particularly like tonic water. Why on earth do I ever order this