1. Chase VISA debit card
  2. Chase Freedom credit card
  3. Hudson News receipt
    Newark Int'l Airport, 6/5/16
  4. MetroCard
  5. Disneyland ticket
    1-day entry, single park
  6. Anthem BlueCross insurance card
  7. REI membership card
  8. BART pass
    San Francisco/Bay Area Regional Transit
  9. Cal State Fullerton student ID
    Graduate Student
  10. Polaroid photo of my maternal grandparents and me
  11. Delta Dental insurance card
  12. IKEA Family card
  13. Paradise Nails receipt
    Silverlake, LA; 6/1/16
  14. BankAmericard Travel Rewards credit card
  15. BenefitWallet healthcare debit card
  16. Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card
    Which is my mother's account and only for dire emergencies (and the occasional Chipotle)
  17. AAA Texas card
    32 year member (thanks mom and dad)
  18. Los Angeles Public Library card
  19. Polaroid, me and my best friend Christiana
  20. Polaroid, me and my best friend Christiana
  21. Charlie Ticket
    The T; Boston train system
  22. Polaroid, me
  23. Two quarters
  24. Three dimes
  25. One penny
  26. $4
  27. CA driver's license
  28. €20 note