@saytrumbo turned 29 yesterday, and I documented the day in photos like the good friend I am. Here's how to ring in the end of your twenties the right way.
  1. Have an awesome brother who makes you birthday breakfast sandwiches
  2. Open your presents at breakfast because who wants to wait longer than that?
  3. Walk to Starbucks and get a mocha frappuccino
  4. Get more presents, from aforementioned fantastic brother!
  5. Cuddle with kitties while confirming birthday plans
  6. Spend the afternoon with some great friends at Wi Spa getting scrubbed down and soaking in hot tubs and eating spicy ramen
  7. Have dinner with the family at Nic's in Beverly Hills. Martinis, oysters, chocolate tort. Aka birthday bliss
  8. Do a private vodka tasting in the 24*F vod box at Nic's, wearing a cozy faux fur coat to boot
  9. Meet up with good friends for drinks at Normandie Club in K town looking hot as hell
  10. Run into an old co-worker/friend on the streets of K town
  11. End the night with lots of hugs, late night drunk food, and watching ridiculous music videos in bed. Because how else do you kick-off your thirtieth year of life?
  12. Happy birthday, Trumbo. I sure do love ya, and I'm so glad I got to celebrate 29 with you 💙💙💙