People give sand a bad rep; it only ever hears complaints and I'd like to tell you why it's not all bad
  1. Free skin exfoliant
    Reapplying sunscreen during a day at the beach does double duty: protects you from the sun AND removes dead skin. Win-win
  2. Boredom is not a thing at the beach, even if you never get in the water
    Why's that? SAND. You can build with it, push it around, bury things, uncover things, sink into it...the list goes on
  3. It's evidence of the waves for the past several (hundred) million years, give or take some zeros
    Sand is actual obvious evidence of water erosion of the coast and if that doesn't blow your mind I really can't help you
  4. Cheapest, easiest way to challenge yourself in running
    Bored of running your three mile route in your neighborhood? Opt instead for a beach run and instantly get a harder workout that's also easier on your joints!
  5. Finding sand in your car or shoes means you were lucky enough to spend time by the ocean (or another large body of water)
    There are people all over the workd who have never seen the ocean (even in the US, I know some of them from the midwest), and they would kill to have some leftover sand in their shoes
  6. You can write and draw stuff in it!
    Who doesn't love to write their name in the sand? No one, exactly
  7. We wouldn't have glass without it!
    Someday I'm gonna find a piece of lightening glass on a beach and it will be the best day of my life
  8. It's pretty
    Sand sparkles! It can be a range of colors from white to black!
  9. It's not wet but acts like a liquid
    Come on, how cool is that? It flows and takes the shape of it's container and really when you think about it, is it a solid or liquid??? 💥 mind blown
  10. Basically, sand is actually great, and a scientific mind boggler, and we should all sing its praises