Note: I am a flight attendant AKA I should have already known every single one of these, yet here we are
  1. Never put your passport (or anything) in the seatback pocket of an airplane
    You will realize you left it there after an hour waiting for customs
  2. 4-5 days is the perfect length of time to explore a new place
  3. Always double triple check your train departure time
    Pro tip: do this the night before not 6 minutes after your train has left
  4. Everything in France is closed on Mondays
    I used to live here it's fine
  5. Leave extra room in your suitcase on the way so you can actually bring back souvenirs
  6. Emergency U.S. passports are $135, provided same-day, and good for one year
    You don't have to pay again for the full validity ten-year replacement, though
  7. American Airlines will allow you to cancel an itinerary booked on miles and get back all of your miles and immediately rebook a new flight using your miles for a very nominal fee
    Useful info in case you don't check your train ticket until 6 minutes past departure and therefore miss the last flight out of the day