1. Wrote a tumblr post about how much I love my cousin's dog
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    My cousin and the dog move to Nashville tomorrow so I'm feeling sad
  2. Read a few cantos of The Inferno
    I did not appreciate this book in high school. So glad I'm revisiting it.
  3. Mentally began composing a list of necessities for dating me
  4. Got my phone from across the room post-lights out to actually compose said list
  5. Browsed @list for new people to follow
  6. Read approximately half of @fisackerly's lists
  7. Laughed out loud alone in my dark bedroom
  8. Edited the aforementioned dating list
  9. Wondered if I'd ever be as funny as the funny people I admire
  10. Decided I will definitely always have a restless soul that wants to live in more than one place at all times
  11. Checked my stat counter for my tumblr
  12. Reminded myself that even if I push my workout from 6am to the afternoon I still have to be at work at 8:45am
  13. Decided to waste more sleeping time writing this list out
  14. Realized it is now 2:43am
  15. Forced myself to stop in order to get some sleep
    Why do the creative thoughts only come after midnight?