1. Fixing my car interior light
    This bad boy hasn't turned on since like...2009. It's a dark dark world in my car at night.
  2. Finishing Breaking Bad
    Didn't watch it while it was on tv, started it summer 2014 but then I went on a three week trip abroad and just...never got past S2E...7?
  3. Learning how to change a flat tire
    I somehow never got taught this as a teenager and have never gotten around to it since.
  4. Getting a splashguard for my Nalgene
    Y'all, I did this finally two days ago after years of getting accidentally drenched in water and now LIFE IS SO GOOD (and much drier).
  5. Buying a decent set of tweezers
    I have hobbled along for years with a very crap set that I actually think I borrowed from my college friend Kara and just never gave back...so maybe I've never purchased tweezers?