Inspired by @lindseycornett
  1. Having a 9-5 job
    Nope nope nope nope nope
  2. Dirty chai lattes
    I love chai and I love espresso but just no
  3. Horror movies
    I will never understand the appeal
  4. Haunted houses
    See above
  5. The Kardashians
    Not sure I could care any less about that family; I don't even dislike them I just honestly do not care and don't understand the obsession
  6. Pumpkin spice everything
    Why do people go crazy over this. Pumpkin pie is the extent of the pumpkin in my life
  7. Contouring
    Sure it looks hot but I would prefer my face to always look like *my* face (and my face is also hot already so)
  8. The Price is Right
    Literally bored me to tears once
  9. Modern geometric art
    Yeah I have no backup for this I just can't
  10. The Bachelor/Bachelorette
    Did you know people spend up to 4 hours a week watching this? Mind blowing