Not that I know this from current, personal experience, of course.
  1. Cyberstalking a guy you like who used to like you but you think now likes someone else
    Never a good idea regardless of the rest of this domino-effect of terrible decisions
  2. Buying last-minute plane tickets on a drunk impulse with nowhere to for sure stay and limited transport once you get there
    It doesn't matter how good of a deal they are, YOU DID NOT HAVE THIS IN YOUR BUDGET
  3. Buying said tickets while drunk in order to be in the same city as aforementioned guy who lives far away from you
    Note: neither of you live in this particular city (which is also far away)
  4. Putting yourself in the same city as said guy and aforementioned "someone else" whom you think he now has his eyes on
    Literally your worst idea yet because the cyberstalking has only cemented the idea that he has moved on yet you clearly have not
  5. Not realizing how potentially bad and embarrassing this might be until the non-refundable tickets are purchased
    He is literally staying at "someone else"'s house.
  6. Going anyway because non-refundable tickets and pride (because you're pretending to have some left) and it is your hometown after all*
    *Your hometown in which you no longer have a home because your parents moved out of state (yeah you should probably be smacked in the face now)