T-minus 2ish hours
  1. Meeting L.A. people is profoundly intimidating
    I've lived in So Cal for nearly six months but L.A. proper is still a mysterious land of beautiful talented people in my Texan mind
  2. What if I'm wrong about the date and time and no one else is there
    My perpetual fear with all things on my calendar
  3. I have nothing to wear
    My constant feeling in L.A.
  4. What on earth will I talk about with strangers
    Hi I like cats and hiking and yoga and I maybe want to try to write but lol no you're obviously a real writer bye now
  5. Being brave and doing the thing is what matters
    Aka channeling my inner Amy Poehler
  6. Also please don't let me get lost
    You would think GPS would solve this problem but apparently I still manage this on a regular basis