In no particular order because that ended up being too stressful
  1. Beach Games, 3.22
    Perfect balance of character development and solid jokes. Plus added bonus of an office-wide Flinstones theme sing-a-long.
  2. Stairmageddon, 9.19
    TEARS OF LAUGHTER re: Dwight and Clark getting a sedated Stanley to and from a sales call.
  3. Dinner Party, 4.9
    The one-liners: "Oh, that has sort of an oaky afterbirth." "That was a $200 plasma TV. Good luck paying me back on your zero dollars a year salary plus benefits, BABE." "This will be great to cook with!" etc. etc. etc.
  4. Stress Relief, 5.13
    Hands-down best cold open of the entire show's run. The CPR scene brings me to tears everytime.
  5. Niagra, 6.4/6.5
    Once again demonstrates this show's ability to find the perfect harmony between killer jokes and creating characters and relationships that we all root for.
  6. Moroccan Christmas, 5.10
    The Christmas episodes are always gold but this is the goldest of the gold. "I'm not going to judge her. But there is one person who will, and Phyllis just shoved him in a drawer."
  7. Scott's Tots, 6.12
    This episode is so painful that I have only made it through the entire thing once. But it's brilliant and the epitome of Michael Scott's Michael-ness.
  8. The Dundies, 2.1
    First time we get to see everyone out of the office. Pam's acceptance speech is so funny and so well delivered. "I feel God in this Chili's tonight."
  9. Gay Witch Hunt, 3.1
    The conference room meeting in this episode kills me. It is so uncomfortable and so damn funny.
  10. Finale, 9.23
    Rarely does a series finale do everything you want it to do without seeming "too perfect", but The Office nailed it. I love this episode and I would love it even if it wasn't the finale; the jokes still kill. "It's like all my kids grew up and then married each other."