Here's some shit I want to get done in the next 365 days
  1. Thailand
    On the docket for spring 2017
  2. Finish Game of Thrones
    Both reading and watching
  3. Drinks at the Standard
  4. Move to the eastside
  5. Go to a taping of @midnight
  6. See Asssssscat
  7. LACMA
  8. Visit @list HQ
  9. Pay off my credit cards
    Thank you flight attendant training for this one
  10. Finish the blanket I started knitting Christmas 2014
  11. See a show on Broadway
  12. Spend a weekend in Idyllwild
  13. Get a regular yoga practice going again
  14. Visit 3 new states
  15. Learn how to ski
  16. Hike Half Dome
  17. Run a third half marathon
  18. Put away $ in savings
  19. Complete NaNoWriMo
    National Novel Writing Month
  20. Read two new books in French
  21. Get a record player
  22. Visit the Broad
  23. Find francophones in LA to converse with regularly
  24. Have a piece of writing published
  25. Perform at a stand-up open mic