1. Woke up at 11:00am
  2. Cooked a healthy breakfast
    Scrambled egg on whole wheat English muffin with tomato turkey and avacado
  3. Drank like 64 ounces of water
  4. Thought about working out
  5. Static
  6. Layed on the floor
    Until Daysi got home at 2
  7. Actually worked out
  8. Layed on the floor again
  9. Cooked a healthy ish lunch
    Whole wheat pasta and broccoli. Canceled it out by also eating two slices of bread and some chocolate chips
  10. Considered doing homework
  11. Went on a run
    ?????? why
  12. Static
  13. Hit up shane but he was busy
  14. Hit up ben but he was busy
  15. Planned a trip to the Grand Canyon over Twitter
    With loog and jakohoe the LOMLs
  16. Went to sodavine alone
    Pretzel combo, dr. pepper w coconut and cream, scotcharoo - had to balance out the run
  17. Sat at porter park alone in the dark because sodavine was crowded
  18. Phone died so I ran home with just my thoughts
  19. Complained about boys with Daysi
    A daily activity
  20. Took a bath
    Why not
  21. Made fridge oats for the week
    At 12:30am
  22. Went to sleep without brushing my teeth or setting my alarm
    The usual