As an introvert, I'd thought it'd be enjoyable to poke fun at people who complain about the symptoms of having friends. Just seems as though having a lot of people who like you is not exactly a daunting struggle.
  1. "People keep texting me wanting to go out. I just want to chill."
  2. "I don't know which graduation (or insert any holiday) party to go to..."
  3. "I'm going to have to buy so many Christmas presents."
  4. "I wish my phone wasn't always going off."
  5. "People keep asking me for advice and it's so exhausting."
  6. "I just want a day to myself."
  7. "I'm going to go broke if I keep going out with my friends."
  8. "Random people keep adding me on Snapchat."
  9. "My Tinder crashed."
  10. "I can't ever make a quick trip to the store without someone recognizing me."