Some of the everyday issues I run into for my pathetic attempts of achieving my long hair dreams. Add yours!
  1. Hair. Everywhere. All the time.
    On my clothes, on strangers around me, in my food, up my buttcrack when I shower. Shit gets inappropriate.
  2. Food
    I'm either accidentally dipping my hair into soups and sauces or things get trapped in it on the way to my mouth. Pro: sometimes it catches drips before they stain my clothes 👌🏼
  3. Getting your hair violently yanked anytime you put a purse/backpack on if you forget to take the correct precautions
  4. Sitting on seats facing back to back on public transportation.
    If my hair falls onto the seat behind me it gets trapped in between the person's back directly behind me and the the seat itself, resulting in my hair getting violently ripped out when someone sits down.
  5. Car doors
    I've closed my hair into many a car door. Had a very awkward uber moment when my hair was trapped but the driver already started moving and I had to attempt to gracefully rip my hair out of the doors grasp
  6. Car windows
    See car doors.
  7. Unintentional dreads
    You should see the rats nests I've ripped out of my head
  8. Wind
    I usually end up giving up and putting hair that I (sometimes) work so hard on in a big floppy bun just to get it outta my damn face
  9. 💁🏼
  10. Random-ass princes trying to climb it.
    Suggested by @capitandmart