Stole this idea from a podcast I love (RIP Professor Blastoff 😭).
  1. "Is anyone comfortable wearing a diaper?"
  2. "Venti iced white mocha with soy, no whip"
  3. "The ants and I have moved to the living room"
  4. "Drunk as fuuuuck and the drunchie choices gotcha girl on 11111111"
  6. "Erin its rat man"
  7. "Lol ok, there's a plunger in the other bathroom I think"
  8. "Only rich people are eccentric Rich crazy people"
  9. "How we made it through middle school without getting beat up is beyond me because we were just so gross and annoying."
  10. "If this is scientology I'm going to be pissed. Just want to be clear."
    Suggested by @KelseyKapow
  11. "And like I said. Don't feel bad if you just want to put them in the bathroom. They love being in ours. "
    Suggested by @KelseyKapow
  12. "I want pizza. I always want pizza. Give me pizza."
    Suggested by @KelseyKapow
  13. "Hey, do you remember the name of that song that Drunk Kelsey liked last night?"
    Suggested by @KelseyKapow