Today ended badly, so here are some ways today was good to give me some much needed perspective 🍕
  1. I woke up
  2. I am healthy
  3. I spoke to my mom, who is strong and amazing
  4. Everyday I come out of a subway tunnel to the San Francisco Bay, Cupids Span, and the Bay Bridge. Today the fog sat on top of the water all eerily and calm. It was beautiful.
  5. I worked at a job I love, with people I love
  6. Two words: sequin shorts
  7. I laughed a lot
  8. I have good friends who listen to me vent
  9. I watched a two year old boy patiently assist a two year old girl in trying to put her shoe on. They were both so focused and quiet. It was the cutest thing ever, like fucking Cinderella with tiny humans. He was literally holding her little foot and gently trying so hard to place it in her little shoe
  10. I got a picture of my perfect, chunky, happy baby nephew
  11. Life's good.