Requested by @godsbathroomfloor 😘. Add your own, I know in leaving things out.
  1. Share saliva with perfect strangers
    This is everything from kissing, sharing joints, beers, or helping to blow air into a blow-up parrot
  2. Carry a roll of toilet paper around everywhere you go
    This is a MUST
  3. Blow your nose to find black dirt comes out.
  4. Forget what the word "budget" means
    Being at a festival for 11 hours a day for three days at $10 bucks a beer and event pricing on food means not focusing on the crushing depression that will eventually hit when it's all over and you look at your bank account.
  5. Bury booze at event location to dig up later in order to avoid aforementioned booze prices
    I've never physically done this but have been lucky enough to be good friends with @EpicureanCrusader who selflessly does it every damn year like a goddamn machine.
  6. Tell your friends how much you love them more than you ever will until the next festival
  7. Have awkward run ins with exes
    This has happened to multiple people I know including myself, but has never happened to me outside in the real world