1. Dolly Parton's voice is an American treasure
  2. Why is Lily Tomlin wearing a Japanese kimono ?
  3. Jane Fonda has the tiniest waist I've ever seen, but the most enormous eye glasses
  4. Paul F Tompkins? No.
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  5. And THERE'S the sexism I've been waiting for
  6. Jesus Dolly Parton is a-fucking-dorable
  7. The first afro I've seen on a white southern lady=dolly parton
  8. Ew, more sexism
  9. Praise the lord I live in 2015
  11. Jane Fonda don't you dare cry! You're stronger than that!
  12. Adidas track suits have lived too long
  13. The lady shooting a flask before her shift is my spirit animal
  14. Everyone's slut shaming dolly and she wasn't even being slutty 😔
  15. White male privilege. White male privilege. White male privilege.
  16. Lily Tomlison talking about weed with her kid is 👌🏼
  17. "I'm gonna get drunk" so relevant
  18. Dolly has a goddamn gun in her purse?
  19. Omg they all get stoned together?! Why has it taken me so long to see this?!
  20. How did they film this stoned scene? They all seem to be genuinely stoned
  21. Very unexpected dream sequence got me like 😐 there are guns. It's very much like jumanji
  22. Now I wanna watch jumanji
  23. Omg more dream sequences?
  24. Loving this gender reversal shit in Dolly's dream. Way ahead of its time
  25. Lily is Snow White. Why haven't more people been pressuring me to watch this movie for the last 26 years?!
  26. This is one of the greatest feminist movies ever made.