These are all in SF and not all exclusively vegetarian, just gave great options
    A place that's not ashamed to slap some fake meat on a sandwich. Count me in.
  2. Shangrila
    Weird little Asian food place, super creative and yummy
  3. The loving hut
    Also Asian flavors, but doesn't keep well so not good for leftovers
  4. Sunset reservoir brewing company
    Brewery's are notoriously bad at food, let alone vegetarian food. This place thoroughly surprised me with their vegetarian pozole and portobello burger. They're definitely not doing things the easy way, even the damn side salads are good.
  5. Dinosaurs
    The best tofu banh mi I've ever had!
  6. Nopa
    Now I'm craving nopa, anyone want to wait an hour for a seat at the bar with me?