I have only ever worked for older women in Los Angeles because weird backhanded comments on my appearance are what motivates me to succeed
  1. "You have such a cute figure. Do you work out? No? You really should."
  2. "If there's one thing I regret not doing when I was young, it's eating healthy and working out."
    *looks at me*
  3. "18? You look 12, but that's fine."
  4. "Why do you have that?" *points to nose ring* "It's fine, I'm just curious."
  5. "You're not too young for a night cream."
  6. *asks my pants size and I tell her* "No."
  7. "No, none of these will fit you. Definitely not."
  8. "No, I wouldn't worry about needing a breast reduction ever."
  9. "If that lip color looks good on you, it will look good on everyone."