This is a website that reviews movies and rates the levels of sex, violence, profanity, etc. These are instances of sex and violence which they have identified. List collab with @dana
  1. A teen girl wears a sleeveless vest.
  2. A man kisses a picture of his now deceased wife.
  3. A teenager wears pajama bottoms but no top.
    Agent Cody Banks
  4. A bird calls to its young in a mournful tone.
  5. Teenage girls wear school uniforms that include skirts and knee-high socks (knee to mid-thigh is revealed.)
    Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
  6. A man gets out of bed and stretches. We hear bones cracking and the man groans.
  7. Girls read teen magazines for advice about how to attract a boy.
  8. A husband and his wife hug and speak of the future.