Or "Only Things In Fresno, CA"
  1. Summer nights
    87 degrees at 11 P.M. and it feels amazing.
  2. Underground Gardens
    Actually very cool and definitely worth seeing. 3 level underground house/gardens created without blueprints by a man who was obsessed with the Roman catacombs.
  3. Antique malls
    These are technically in Old Town Clovis, which is terrible. But antique malls are fun and there are a couple good ones here.
  4. Tomo's
    Best chinese chicken salad.
  5. Fresno Ag
    Just a hardware store, but one of the main attractions of Fresno.
  6. Picking fruit
    You can pay to go to farms and pick your own peaches, berries, grapes, etc.
  7. Viewing religious and politically conservative billboards
    Like "If abortion is my RIGHT, then why does it feel so WRONG?"
  8. Buying legal fireworks for 4th of July
    I know you can do this in a lot of places, but I always thought it was cool.
  9. Fresno Fair
    BIG DEAL. Happens in the fall.
  10. Fashion Fair
    Different from Fresno Fair. It's a mall and it has an Urban Outfitters and that is more than I can say for the Tacoma Mall, so it made the list.
  11. Noriega's James Beard Award-winning Basque dining room
    Suggested by @mattselman