1. Las Virgenes Road/Malibu Canyon
    Objectively the most scenic, as it's marked by a sign that says "SCENIC ROUTE." Similar in scenery to Kanan, but the ocean view is 1000 times better. Bonus points for palm trees near the end and for emptying out at Pepperdine, which is gorgeous.
  2. Topanga Canyon
    Only canyon on this list with a good Valley view. Best at night, particularly where the road winds down sharply at the Overlook and you can see all the city lights. So great at sunset as well. 💯 A++
  3. Kanan Road
    I take Kanan Road all the time, maybe I've just gotten used to how pretty it is. The ocean view is limited and obscured for most of the way by mountains and/or smog.
  4. Decker Canyon
    Chain link fences. Dirt. By all accounts ugly. However, Decker gets the best, closest and most prolonged ocean view.