1. The 40
    Radio station core staff and their close friends/the one drug dealer on campus.
  2. LA rich kids
    They look the coolest and comprise the top tier of the 40. "Oh my god my dad has that plane too!" is a typical convo.
  3. Hip
    Radio station DJs, people who have hooked up with radio station DJs, underclassmen who are future members of the 40. They're welcome at radio station parties and house shows but maybe not included on the Facebook invite.
  4. Bay Area Real
    Badass bitches from the Bay Area. They write violent feminist poetry for the campus sex + gender magazine, dye their hair different colors, drink vodka from water bottles at parties. Subgroup of Hip. Despite their "FUCK YOU" attitude, they tend to care a lot about social climbing.
  5. Alumni
    Members of the 40 who graduated and moved to the Capital Hill neighborhood of Seattle. They're "DJs" and "Artists." They still go to college parties, for whatever reason.
  6. Normies
    Athletes. Psych majors. STEM majors. Not necessarily in Greek Life but their core group of friends probably is.
  7. Greek Life
    30% of student body. Normies. Bros and Basics.
  8. "Involved"
    Theatre kids, people who work for the campus newspaper, student government. Overlap with Normies and Hip.
  9. "Because science" people
    Work at the campus coffee shop. Earnest Normies. Named because they often joke around by responding to something with "because science!", "because finals!", "because dogs!", etc.
  10. Outdoors people
    Overlap with Normies and Because science people.
  11. Weird kid weird
    "The Trenchcoat population." 2nd biggest group after Normies. In my opinion, The 40 is just weird kid weird kids who dress well.
  12. SJWs
    Social justice warriors. Found in all groups. Not a prerequisite for being in the 40 but most members of the 40 at least pretend to be SJWs.