1. I at first found your laugh really annoying, but now I like it.
  2. I thought you were skinnier when I first met you.
  3. You could hostess. In Tacoma.
  4. I thought you would be mean, just based on your Twitter.
  5. If you were blonde, skinnier and taller, you could be a less pretty Ashley Benson.
  6. Plastic surgery wouldn't make you look any better. I mean it would, but you'd have to get cheek implants and jaw reconstruction and that's just ridiculous.
  7. You look fine in the pictures I take of you. If you don't like them, you just don't like what you look like and that's not my problem.
  8. I asked my assistant if you were jewish and he said he didn't know but he didn't think so.
  9. No one's going to not like you solely because of your looks.
  10. Late puberty was good to you.
  11. I almost thought you got a boob job.
  12. You would look weird if you lost 20 pounds.
  13. Thank you for parallel parking my car.