Not in order
  1. A twin but I can't remember which one it actually is because they are identical. I think it's the one who is a fitness model/real estate agent rn
  2. Texted me a photo of his art
  3. Guy at party
  4. Guy at frat party
  5. Sang a John Mayer song softly to himself after we hooked up
  6. Stole my phone in PG 250
  7. Belgian guy in Vancouver who turned out to be a white supremacist
  8. Hot sports bro who had 8 a.m. labs and went to hot yoga every day
  9. Former alt music director of the campus radio station
  10. Audio engineer who overcommunicated
  11. Guy I liked in high school, two years after I stopped liking him
  12. Made out with me in @JackKelly's bathroom at 7 a.m.