1. Canter's Restaurant
    My best friend in high school. She now works at Hooter's and I wonder if her family is happy she's in the restaurant business.
  2. Purina Cat Chow
    She didn't tell anyone she was the heiress to the Purina Cat Chow fortune, I'm still not supposed to know.
  3. Pepperdine
    My 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Pepperdine. I don't know that she's actually the heiress to any money because from what I can remember, her job was pretty shitty (it's LAUSD) and she taught a needlepoint class after school for extra cash.
  4. Nordstrom
    Actually an "heir." He wrote a story for Dana's creative writing class about living in the woods and preparing for battle. One of the lines read "I missed her long brown hair and her hazelnut eyes" and Dana said "yeah I think he's gay."