my indulgent guide. plz feel better love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  1. Cut off all your hair
    A cliché but it's great A+ would recommend.
  2. Indulge
    When I'm heartbroken I want to stay heartbroken for forever because as miserable as I am, it seems so much more miserable to stop feeling that way, if that makes sense.
  3. Read NYTimes "Modern Love"
    You find one similar to your situation and it's with a happy ending. Maybe this is masochistic, but it's made me feel better for whatever reason.
  4. Read old texts/emails
    Cry at an email that's just "Sounds good!" followed by the automatic signature.
  5. Find a song that makes you sad and listen to it on repeat while you take long walks by yourself
  6. Take long, hot showers
    Necessary for any wintertime heartbreak that leaves you cold and stressed out.
  7. Quit drugs, quit drinking, start smoking cigarettes, quit smoking because you keep getting sick
  8. Have one night stands with people you will never care about and who will never care about you
  9. Watch comfort movies/TV that you've seen so many times
    I'm always worried that I'll ruin my favorite movies for myself if I watch them when I'm sad but that hasn't happened.
  10. Read books
    Doesn't matter what. It's a distraction that also feels productive.
  11. Stop social media stalking
  12. Get enough sleep
  13. Be with friends
    You don't have to think about it
  14. Be alone
    You have to think about it
  15. Time passes