1. That I am addicted to my phone
  2. That I am not addicted to coffee
  3. That I am like Hannah Horvath
  4. That I will be like Hannah Horvath
  5. That my pillows smell like American Spirits
  6. That my signature drink is really uncool
  7. That I won't have my own health insurance even at 26 and Obama will be like "come on, seriously?"
  8. That my Instagram grid is inconsistent at best
  9. That everything I think of as PC will in the next 5 minutes become extremely offensive
  10. That I'll have to use my college degree
  11. That I'll get in a distracted driving accident
  12. That I'll never see everything in my Netflix watchlist
  13. That LinkedIn will become important
  14. That I should have been a STEM major