1. 2009
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    yes that is a death cab for cutie lyric, yes this photo was taken in public, at an airport in fact
  2. 2010
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    vibe of this photo is "world traveler/jetsetter." here I am on a flight from burbank to sacramento.
  3. 2010
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    my friend said "you look dead in this photo" and I said "I don't think you really get it."
  4. 2010
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    this photo was captioned with lyrics from Phoenix's "Liztomania," which was at the time the only song on my iPod touch.
  5. 2011
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    the gorgeous scenic backdrop is blurred because this is my prof pic and it's all about me
  6. 2010
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    do you remember silly bandz do you remember this photo editing app that was $1.99 in the App Store
  7. 2010
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    the thinker. staring off into the distance, lost in my own existential thoughts. photo was captioned with an F. Scott Fitzgerald quote: "This story begins on a sea that was a blue dream."
  8. 2009
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    I preached peace and love, don't we all