1. Do Kim and Kanye have a prenup?
  2. Why is your girlfriend's Instagram on private?
  3. Does anyone actually like the food at Canter's?
  4. If like an extra from Rebel Without A Cause had died in a freak accident, would we have heard about it? Just to sweeten the story?
  5. Who runs the Facebook pages for TV shows that have already ended?
    It's creepy.
  6. Is the graveyard shift at a graveyard just called the "night shift?" If so, isn't that kind of boring?
  7. Who watched the documentary on LCD Soundsystem?
    I have not but I am curious as to what this demo has in common.
  8. How do you tell someone she should be institutionalized and still keep the friendship?
    I haven't gotten a good answer to this.
  9. If your day was 💯, how was Kendall Jenner's day?
  10. If I liked American Beauty, will I like House of Cards?